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HF RX Water pipe adapter

Living in a really bad neighborhood for HF radio I tried many different RX solution. For some context, I'm living second floor of a 5 floor bulding, 80m away from a railroad in an old bulding with really bad electric circuit !

I tried to use End-Fed antenna on the 11m balcony, tried a magnetic loop and various other solution but none of them is good enough for RX.

I got the idea to use the 100 meters long balcony fence !

First test

For a first test I decided to use indoor water pipe used for the building scale heating system. Without a balun first to validate the idea. Results being way better than everything I tried before I decided to use a balun and change the impedance matching a little. This transformer added to the one formed by the wire around the pipe allowed a better isolation from the computer. (previously I always had problem when using the touch pad of my laptop, it is generating huge moving QRM related to the pressure and position of finger, this is something worth investigating IT sec wise :D)


Schematic of the first prototype

Results and capture


Balcony test


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